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5 Crazy Trent Quotes from Never Have I Ever

Are you done with season 3 of Never Have I Ever, which is available to stream only on Netflix? If yes, here are the 5 best and most memorable Trent quotes from the show.

Trent’s primary objective is to interrupt conversations and crack some jokes or one-liners, yet these moments are frequently the funniest in any particular episode.

Trent’s extended presence is one of many reasons Never Have I Ever season 2 could be considered the best. To the delight of fans, Trent had more screen time in the second season. There are too many to choose from, but Trent has a few that are noteworthy.

Here are those 5 Trent Quotes from the show Never Have I Ever.

Memorable Trent Quotes:

“You’re My First Girlfriend And I’m A Little Insecure About That.”

This quote is from “Never Have I Ever” Season 3, Episode 7.

Although Trent had several excellent moments in the third season of the series, a lot of his lines still focus on him as the comic relief. This statement, in which he admits to Eleanor that he tricked her into remaining with him by making sure she could appear in one of his uncle’s advertisements, helps to remind the audience that he’s smarter than he seems and that he also gets to be vulnerable in addition to humorous.

His connection with Eleanor gives the spectator a great opportunity to examine his flaws since she helps him realize how unaware he is of her own beliefs about their connection and how anxious he is about being apart from Paxton in the coming year.

“I’m Coming For You, Bro! Blood Brothers For Life!”

This quote is from “Never Have I Ever” Season 1, Episode 3.

The friendship between Trent and Paxton is particularly funny because of how different they are. While they appear to have a lot in common, Paxton has shown fans that he is much more complicated than they initially believed.

Trent is an entertaining character because he is more of a “what you see is what you get” kind. He was the first to try and help his “blood brother,” but after declaring that, he fell from the roof, adding to the confusion.

“Women Should Support Other Women. What Else Did We March For?”

This quote is from “Never Have I Ever” Season 2, Episode 5.

Trent’s character is extensively developed in Never Have I Ever Season 2, which gives the audience a chance to get to know him more. It’s impossible to take Trent seriously because he’s always taking himself very seriously. Trent is actually quite an advanced character who worries about things like equality, but despite having the correct intentions, he frequently doesn’t know what’s going on.

Devi pretended to be disappointed that Eleanor wanted a “girls only night,” and Trent defended Eleanor right away. Trent has a thing on her, so it’s cute, but extending this talk to the women’s rights movement is a push.

“Mixing And Matching Different Grape Varietals Can Yield Some Pretty Fun Surprises.”

This quote is from “Never Have I Ever” Season 2, Episode 2.

Trent’s unexpected instruction on wine tastings might have prevented Devi’s plan from successfully keeping Ben and Paxton apart. It was reasonable to anticipate that Trent would be playing beer pong in the garage given his attitude, but he has shown himself to be full of surprises.

Trent’s father works as a sommelier, and it’s obvious that Trent has inherited his father’s appreciation for good wine. A highlight of the gathering was when a wacky character had a serious conversation about pairing various grape varietals.

“Your Reaction To My Reaction To Their Reaction Just Made My Life, Bruh!”

This quote is from “Never Have I Ever” Season 2, Episode 3.

Whether Trent is incredibly talented or not is subjective, but either way, his new hobby is hilarious. Trent was delighted to introduce his YouTube channel, where he reacts to other people’s reaction clips.

Paxton made an effort to be encouraging, which meant a lot to his friend. The best thing about this quote is that Trent can actually say it all out loud without realizing how ludicrous it sounds. Trent can do anything and still draw a crowd because he is so amusing. He would undoubtedly become popular online if he were a real person.

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