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Pokemon GO Partner Research available to Verizon customers

Are you a Pokemon GO game player who signed up with Verizon for smartphone service? You can get a little more for playing Pokémon GO, and the offer is currently available in the US.

To provide new Special Research to Verizon users, Pokémon Go has teamed up with the company. By taking part in the event, players can win several rewards.

From September 1 at 9 a.m. local time until November 30 at 9 p.m. local time, the new Special Research is being conducted. The tickets to access the exclusive Partner Research will only be available to eligible Verizon customers.

Through the My Verizon app, eligible Verizon customers can request a ticket to join Partner Research for the event. Check out the Pokémon Go blog which has more information on how to get your ticket.

Pokemon Go Partner Research Details:

Players will receive timed research after claiming their partner research, which they can access with the event ticket through the My Verizon app. The code present on the ticket can be used to redeem the Partner Research through the in-game code redemption. The Partner Research will become active and become accessible on the Special Research tab once the code has been redeemed.

Players will be able to see the tasks necessary to obtain the rewards if they have the Special Research. XP, Stardust, 100 Gengar Mega Energy, an Incubator, a Poffin, and a Lucky Egg are the rewards for finishing all of the missions. A chance to run into Gengar, Clamperl, Pawniard, and Espurr will also prevail. All have the potential to turn Shiny, with Pawniard being the exception.

Visit the Pokémon Go blog page for more information on this Partner Research and details on how to receive it.

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